Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided as a part of my annual fee? Please see our Services page for a complete list of offerings and amenities.

What is the mission of Savant Wellness? I will continue to provide the highest quality medical care, emphasizing a proactive, comprehensive approach to disease prevention and health management while nurturing and strengthening our physician-patient relationship. I want my patients to be completely satisfied with every aspect of their care.

Are you on staff at any hospitals? Yes. I am affiliated with St. Mary’s Medical Center and St. Francis Memorial Hospital. While you are hospitalized, I will continue to manage your care directly if you are admitted to St. Mary’s or St. Francis hospitals. At any other hospital I will communicate directly with the inpatient Internal Medicine specialists (hospitalists) to stay abreast of your care and advocate for you.

Who will cover for you when you are not available? My goal is to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be infrequent occasions when I am out of town or otherwise unavailable.. For practical reasons, I reserve the right to designate another qualified physician to perform any and all services should the need arise.

Do I still need health insurance if I enroll with you? Yes. Savant Wellness will not take the place of general health insurance coverage. My practice is a primary care medical practice, not a health insurance program. You are advised to continue your HSA, PPO, Medicare or other insurance program.

Will my insurance still be billed for my office visits? Yes. I will bill your insurance company directly for office visits. If your insurance carrier/plan requires a co-pay, I will collect it at the time of service. Office visit charges, are not included in your Savant Wellness Inc. annual fee.
Will you still be a Participating Provider for Medicare? Yes. My status with Medicare will be unchanged. I will continue to bill Medicare as well as your supplemental insurer on your behalf, as required by law.

Do you bill Medicare for the annual fee? No. The annual fee only includes services that are NOT covered by Medicare (or any other payor) and, as such, cannot be paid for or reimbursed by Medicare. I will bill Medicare for your sick visits and for any additional services performed at my practice that ARE covered by Medicare.

Will my private insurance reimburse my annual fee? It is unlikely that this service will be reimbursable. However, some Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account plans may pay for all or part of the annual fee. Members are advised to consult their human resources representative at their place of employment, or their FSA or HSA plan managers.

Is the annual fee tax deductible? The fee is a medical expense and may be deductible. Patients are advised to consult with their tax consultant to clarify-qualification in their particular circumstance.

What about lab, x-ray, specialists’ fees and hospitalization? Your annual fee pays for membership in the practice, and for many other amenities listed on the “Highlights & Details” page. All other procedures and services not performed in my office will be billed by the performing entity and will likely be covered by your insurance.

What if I have an emergency? If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. After you call 911, please call me. I will assist in the coordination of your emergency care thereafter. Patients are asked to contact me before going to any urgent care facility and at any time of the day or night. I will attempt to address urgent after-hours problems directly.

What do I do if I become ill while traveling or away on an extended vacation? Call 911 if you have a life threatening emergency. Then call me. However, call me first if the problem is minor. With the exception of a few controlled substances, most prescriptions can be ordered anywhere in the country. If necessary, it may be possible for me to find you a resource where you are for care. If you seek care at an emergency room or urgent care center out of my area, I request that you have the doctor seeing you call me for coordination. I will be readily available for phone consultation with you and/or other health care personnel. If you should require hospitalization while away, at your request, I will establish daily phone communication with you and your attending physician(s) to ensure continuity of care.

What if I need to see a specialist or a surgeon? As always, my patients are free to see any specialist they wish given the constraints of their insurance plans. I am available to help you decide which specialists to see and to coordinate such consultations. In this way the most appropriate resource is used, the earliest arrangements are made, and your applicable medical information is sent in advance of your specialist visit.

Will I be required to pay our fee even if I do not use your services? Yes. Paying your fee allows you to be a member of my practice whether you are sick or well. However my practice is not an insurance company and does not cover the medical services you receive. I strongly encourage you to utilize the amenities offered, regardless of your state of health.

What happens if I move out of the area after I enroll? A copy of your records will be sent to your new physician upon receipt of a signed release. This release of records is required by law.

When should I enrol? By design, my practice is a membership practice with a limited enrollment. Once that enrollment limit is reached, a waiting list will be established. Every effort will be made to accommodate interested patients, but the enrollment limit must be honored in order to continue to provide the highest standard of personalized care and service to all SW patients. P

What are Dr. Savant’s credentials?

  • Private practice San Francisco Bay area – 12 years
  • Undergraduate training – College of the Holy Cross, BA Classics
  • Graduate – Medical College of Wisconsin, M.D.
  • Internship and Residency – Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Internal Medicine
  • Member – San Francisco Medical Society, Nominations Committee, Former chairman Asian Physicians Advisory Committee, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Medical Committee, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Fulbright Scholar.
  • Co-founder of SavantMD.com – A health and wellness website with over 300 videos.