Personal and Preventative Concierge Medicine

Savant Wellness is Your Partner in Personal Wellness. Welcome to Savant Wellness. As a comprehensive concierge medical practice we take a personalized approach to meet your health and wellness needs.   Savant Wellness is lead by Dr. Mark J. Savant, a highly rated general internist and co-founder of the Savant Wellness specializes in personalized wellness care and acute and chronic health issues.


Why Choose Savant Wellness 

1. Save time and suffering with direct 24/7 phone or email access to Dr. Savant.
2. Receive prompt treatment for non-critical health issues withing 1 to 2 business days.
3. Prevent illness by getting personalized advice on how to maintain and improve your health and wellness
4. Get answers to your questions with scheduled 15-minute calls to Dr. Savant/
5. Improve your health and vitality by receiving the personal attention you deserve
6. Referrals to the best specialists
7.Accepting most PPO and HMO health plans
8. User our mobile app.

Savant Wellness Focuses on:

Personalized Approach
Our approach includes two-way conversations which are based on a full review of your medical history, plus practical advice for how you can achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.

We focus on preventing illness by providing personalized advice on how to maintain and improve your health and wellness.


Our Philosophy

“People want the kind of personal medical service and attention our parents and grandparents used to expect from a family doctor,” said Dr. Savant, who has consistently received 5-star ratings from his patients on and whose web site, SavantMD: Health and Wellness, offers more than 300 videos on health care and wellness, dealing from ways to prevent infections to seasonal food recommendations and ways to care for the skin.

Our longer appointment times allow for a personal and conversational style.  “I want to spend more time with each patient to really get to know them and create a plan that helps them achieve optimum health and wellness.” The end goal, each patient feel as if a visit to the doctor is not just a palliative but a plan for leading a healthier life.” We are currently accepting new members. To join Savant Wellness and more about the practice, contact Director of Patient Experience Brian Colbert at 415.287.9789 or [email protected].